Let Me Tell You Exactly What To Do, Step by Step For a Month (Or More)

When I was 26 I paid a guy 1000 usd for 2 months of coaching, to help me do a tiny product launch. He helped me make a product called ‘Five Minute Sales Letters’, which made me $5,000 over the next year. Not bad! Probably some of the best money I ever spent.

The point is – coaching is a good option, and I highly encourage you to seek it out. If not with me, then someone else.

If you’re considering me, then let me mention a few credibility points:

1) I have over 5 years experience and my most successful individual product line has done $1,000,000 in sales.

2) I have written 10 sales letters, including 3 winners that convert cold traffic.

3) I run a 7 person team and know how to manage projects

I’m not going to sell my coaching service too hard on this page, because I’d prefer to attract people who have seen me on YouTube and email, who already like me and want to work with me, rather than dazzle a cold lead with fancy copy.

So if you’re already thinking of trying out my coaching, let me make you a decent offer:

My intention is to soon sell 6 months of business mentorship at $12000 – all up front. And I’d be taking a percentage of that person’s business as well.

However, I need some testimonials, so I’m going to do some ridiculously cheap coaching for a few months.

So, get on a call with me, once per week. We’ll talk for exactly 1 hour.

I’ll tell you exactly what to do for the next 7 days, and you’ll come back to me with all those things done, and we’ll move forward.

You’ll get things done and move toward your vision of your future faster than ever before. My newest system should generate revenue in a month if followed correctly.

That’s available for just 500 usd per month.

Click on the button to go through to PayPal, fill in the details and you’ll get an email from me about how to proceed.

Do it now – I promise you’ll be glad you did.